Hi there!
My name is David Boylett, I am 22 years old, and the lead developer here at Modoc Development. I say lead developer, but I also handle all the other things as this is my company.

I am an independent games developer. In the past years, whilst increasing my programming and design knowledge, I have released two games to mobile and web platforms under my company Modoc Development. One of my games is currently hosted the Red Bull M1NDG4M3RS platform.

This is mainly a hobbie for me, as I really enjoy programming and designing. I love to see the things I make bring happiness and enjoyment to those who use or play my projects.

Modocdevelopment.com is my website for support and where I'll post interesting articles relevant to my company.

I hope you enjoy playing my games. I would love to get feedback, as to improve my games and my experience. Feel free to contact me, either by my email or by social media.